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Floyd Protest
And why Floyd Protests isn’t going to affect any systemic change? Protests have erupted across the globe for the killing of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota by a white police officer, later identified as Derek Chauvin, by pressing his knee on Floyd’s neck for nine minutes straight. Derek’s two colleagues restrained
why did korea split?
Korean Peninsula has always been a conflict zone for warring factions in the regions vying for supremacy, but the last century has probably been the darkest in Korean history, with unspeakable atrocities, subjugation by foreign powers, countless wars, and the worst of all, a proud & unified region Korea split into two rival nations. The
Eastern Europe has always been a contentious region throughout its history. Ottomans, Byzantine, Slavs, Eastern Roman Empire, Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth, this region has a rich history and always had conflicts and disputes; and the way the current geopolitics is, it’s not gonna be over anytime soon. The dispute between North Macedonia and its neighbour Greece is
Before Uber was even a thing, taxicabs were the rage and preferred mode of transportation for millions of people living in urban and suburban areas all over the globe. There are still many cities where Uber or similar cab-sharing companies are yet to make a serious mark, and these markets are still, to this day,
Nuclear Gandhi
Imagine Gandhi (yes, that Gandhi), the man so rigorously dedicated to non-violence and pacifism that he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize a total of five times, last the year he was assassinated(the committee didn’t award anyone that year stating that there were no “suitable living candidates” worthy of the award) as a warmonger,
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alternatives to google search
It would not be a surprise for anyone that Google Search, in all fairness, dominates this segment, even in 2020. With a crushing 76% share in the Search Engine market and its nearest global competitor Bing, once touted as one of the best alternatives to Google Search, at just a meager 4%, it seems fairly